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Sessions So Far!

Postman 101: Postman Concepts with Ellucian's Postman Ethos Integration Examples

This session will cover downloading/installing/configuring/using Postman and Ellucian’s Ethos Postman Examples.  We will explain all of the pieces of Postman and Ethos configuration that come together to make Ellucian’s Postman Ethos Integration examples work.  We will learn about Postman’s Environments, Collections, Variables, and how to script variables to save your session token.  Learn how to get your Ethos session started, run the requests provided by the examples, and create your own Ethos requests by duplicating an existing request. 

Lucas Shaw NWC

Communications Management - Colleague

Learn the basics of Communication Management and how to use it to communicate needed documents, track documents received, and send emails to students.. 

Julie Wilson – Dynamic Campus

Birds of a Feather Sessions for FA, IR, IT, AFM, HR

Moderators needed!

Registrar Group Moderator – Linda Nichols  Casper College.

Access & Efficiency: Exploring the Benefits of Document Management and Process Automation

Whether you’re looking to streamline student enrollment and collect payment or employee onboarding and contract management, Softdocs can help modernize campus operations. Join us to learn how institutions are gaining efficiencies and why they are leveraging the Softdocs Platform for document management, process automations and eSignatures.
Hear directly from your peers their experiences and learn why Softdocs makes a great partner in achieving your institutional goals.

Kathy Moore – Softdocs.

Securing Data is Critical and Managing Colleague Security is Easy

Securing data is critical in any environment, and especially in Higher Education. With so many rules and regulations, how can you be sure you are complying? This session is designed to take the mystery out of setting up Colleague security. Once the security classes are designed, they will be easy to apply, review, and maintain.

Edie Cox  – Laramie County Community College

Funding in the Age of Billions

With unprecedented opportunities for grant dollars, organizations can be overwhelmed at the who, what, when, where, and why of securing external funding to support their programs and projects. Join us for a transparent and informative chat around identifying and securing funding in the age of billions! We will discuss general funding best practices, key grant writing principals, and share some personal tips, tricks, and favorite resources to make a winning grant proposal.

Melissa Griggs – Senior Grant Consultant – Learn Design Apply

Training, Training, Training: IT and other institutional training program by Central Wyoming College

Come to this session where CWC will share our experience launching an institutionwide training program. We “required” employee training for many years but never really tracked attendance/completion. We aquired a new SaaS training solution that has worked amazing well for us. Not at a technical presentation on our tool, but rather a study of the persons/politics/leadership of implementing this training program – and the consequences for not training that was part of the plan. Will include a wide ranging discussion with attendees about their experiences as well.

It will be a fun sharing of ideas with everyone!

John Wood – CIO – CWC

BudgetPak: Financial Sanity from Start to Finish

This session explores Casper College’s 5 year experience and Laramie County Community College’s  recent experience in moving to this budgeting tool for their respective colleges.   

Brooke Downs  – Casper College
Shaun Ziegler – Laramie County Community College

Keeping Colleague Running Like a Well-oiled Machine

Have you ever had a day when Colleague seemed a little tired, slow and run down? Chances are a little maintenance is in order. Where does one begin to keep Colleague running like a well-oiled machine? This session will provide guidelines and tips to keeping Colleague running in tip-top shape.

Edie Cox – Laramie County Community College

NWC's Experience Adventure - The Journey of Replacing Ellucian Portal

Discussion of the motivations, decisions made, steps taken, and lessons learned by Northwest College while replacing Ellucian Portal with Ellucian Experience.
Northwest College needed to replace an on-premises Ellucian Portal with another solution to get away from on-premises SharePoint 2013. Ellucian Experience was a natural choice as the product created by Ellucian to serve a similar purpose as a gateway or dashboard for Students, Faculty, and Staff with a focus on personalization, user-friendliness, simplicity, and security.

This talk will discuss NWC’s path to re-implementing their Ellucian Portal with Ellucian Experience and using SharePoint Online as the CMS for the “intranet” capability not included with Experience. We will talk about what Experience is and is not compared to the Ellucian Portal and how a school can use SharePoint Online to fill the gap. We will discuss the lessons learned from our implementation that may hopefully save you time and help you get more from Ellucian’s Project management expertise.

While NWC is a Colleague school, Experience is SIS agnostic product (as long as it uses the Ethos API) and works with Banner as well as Colleague, so this talk may provide some general insights for Banner schools who want to implement Ellucian Experience.

Lucas Shaw – NWC

FAFSA Simplification: What We Know So Far

Beginning in the 2024-25 Award Year, Federal Student Aid will be making significant changes to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as well as the methodology used to determine student eligibility for financial assistance. These changes are anticipated to benefit students and their families, not only by simplifying the FAFSA application itself, but also by reducing barriers to accessing federal funds for education. These positive changes for financial aid applicants will have monumental impacts for higher education institutions that must start being considered now to adequately prepare for what is to come.

Kelly Sinacola – Ferrelli

Rules, Rules, Rules - Colleague

Learn and improve your rule writing skills. Use rules to make canned communications look personal, perform certain actions, even create a savedlist. Let the rules do most of the work.

Julie Wilson – Dynamic Campus

Effective Collaboration - keeping the wheels of progress in motion - colleague

Learn how Casper College promotes collaboration between departments, specifically between IT and FA, to purchase, implement and administer software as well as keep up with ever-changing federal aid regulations.

David Dutton – Casper College – Enterprise Systems Administration
Laurie Johnstone – Casper College – Director of Financial Aid